Monday, 30 April 2007

SpinVox, nice bit of pro-active customer service

I blogged recently, SpinVox, I love it but, about the highs and occasional lows of using the SpinVox voicemail to text service. Well the guys at SpinVox are obviously perusing the blogosphere and decided to drop me a line.

Hi Adam, thanks for writing about SpinVox. I'm sorry to hear about the occasional delays you've been experiencing and I'd naturally like to look into this - as this is not the norm for SpinVox customers. Our average time delay is 3-5mins - so there must be something else affecting this?
If you can give me some more information on the messages that have been delayed, it would really help us look into this.

So I've sent an example and will keep you posted.

It must be said that there haven't been any noticeable delays since I blogged. All messages have been delivered within the thresholds quoted.

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