Wednesday, 4 April 2007

International domestic, don't do it

I'm currently in Australia for a bit of business and pleasure. We are based in Melbourne but we've flown to Sydney for a few days site-seeing. Qantas run flights from Melbourne to Sydney that are Domestic but run between the International terminals and are the first or last stages of International flights. These flights are quite cheap, we paid AUD $120 each, do not under any circumstances take them. You get all the hassles of a long-haul flight, immigration (although there is special provision for domestic passengers), long boarding times (because the planes are so big) and arduous waits for checked-in baggage, without any of the benefits. The one benefit that we were expecting was to use the long-haul in-flight entertainment system we'd grown to love on the flight over. Qantas have a fantastic video on demand system along with games, CDs and radio stations. I was up for another bout of Invasion, having only reached the final attack on level 3 on the way over. Denied! I managed to just get started before they forced us to watch a healthy flying film, followed by a Sydney city guide that lasted for the whole flight. As my son put it, "this is the worst plane ride in the world ever!".

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