Saturday, 19 July 2008

More on that iPhone queue in Sydney

Closer inspection revealed there wasn't just one queue. Because the iPhone is available on 3 networks in Australia (Telstra, Vodafone & Optus) there were actually 3 separate queues, one for each network. On the second floor a row of desks where laid out for each network to handle the activation.

Just imagine what would have happened in the UK or US if more than one network had been involved in the activation.

However, I overheard a couple on the way out laughing that there was no one in the Telstra queue. Guess the Telstra iPhone tariff isn't what the people want.

Twitter isn't popular in Dubai then

Friday, 18 July 2008

iPhone queue, Sydney

people are still queueing for the iPhone here in Sydney

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Apple store Sydney, blimey

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

What was I saying about needing the new iPhone because of my battery?

Well the new one certainly pulls some juice. I can't get through the day without having to charge it. Not great for a device I want to use as my primary.

There obviously things I can do to help the battery life like How To Maximize Your iPhone 3G's Questionably Adequate Battery Life, but I must admit to thinking why should I.

The whole Apple proposition is producing beautiful, elegant products that work. Basically you pay a premium so you don't have to worry about the detail, you can just enjoy the experience.

Now I'm being told I should turn off 3G or WiFi scanning, doing the device's thinking for it, hardly elegant.

I do love the device and I'm going to get a Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger to keep me alive when I'm travelling but it leaves me feeling like an early adopter again which wasn't the iPhone 3G proposition.

Wasn't this the iPhone we were waiting for? The normobs certainly won't stand for it.

Great use of SMS Long Number


Saw this in Melbourne today. The use of an SMS Long Number makes this service so much more accessible and thus useful.

sms meter cut out

Most people are on plans these days so the cost of sending one message is negligible and means even if they do end up with a ticket, they won't be liable.

If the parking authority had used a short code not only would there be concern over costs but also as a visitor with a roaming mobile, I wouldn't have been able to use the service.

Friday, 11 July 2008

No joy

System crashed and they didn't had any 16GB versions anyway. But I did manage to get quite far on Super Monkey Ball

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I've succumb, I tried not to

I walked past the Beeston O2 store this morning and the queue wasn't big. Let's hope I get one now

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Monday, 7 July 2008

The farce that is integrated transport in the UK

The farce that is integrated transport in the UK. Followers of Julian's blog will know that the two of us are cycling from Bedford to Esendex HQ in Nottingham today. Understanding that taking a bike on a train required forward planning (train from Nottingham to Bedford was my first leg) I booked tickets online in advance, though no saving to be had, and tried to find the option for my bike. Nothing doing.

I then phoned up customer service to be told I had to go the station. Great I thought, London tomorrow I'll get it then.

No, I had to come back during off-peak! By this point I was a little cross. Even more so when I can back and the ticket office was shut at 18:30!

So I'm on the train today without a booking and no-one's batted an eyelid, let alone asked me for my reservation. Aaarrrrgggghhh

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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

New iPhone not a moment too soon

The battery is really starting to fade on my iPhone, let's hope the next upgrade is in a year as well.

Judging is complete

Finished the judging for the Esendex Developer Challenge today. A tricky exercise, the entries were diverse, in the end however we were all in agreement.

The winners are now safely tucked away into in a metaphorical gold envelope. As soon as I've spoken to them, we'll announce it to the world.

Worshipping at a Jura-powered altar

It's shiny, has a touch interface, makes a great cup of coffee and is now gracing the kitchen at Esendex Towers. Though everyone seems a little jumpier than usual.

Jura Impressa XF70