Saturday, 28 April 2007

Mobile Phone History

Ewan at posted recently about keeping your phone history. So I gave it a go and it makes for some interesting reading. Please forgive me if the order is a bit awry. I haven't included phones that I bought for testing purposes and didn't use on a day to day basis.

As you can see I'm pretty much a Nokia man through and through. I have also desperately tried to make Windows Mobile work for me, I really, really wanted it to work but finally gave up and got a BlackBerry.

  1. Nokia 101
  2. Nokia 6110
  3. Nokia 6120
  4. Nokia 8110 (pure class for those 'Matrix' moments)
  5. Nokia 7110 (ah the dawn of WAP)
  6. Sony Ericsson T39
  7. Nokia 6310 (best phone in the world ever)
  8. Sony Ericsson T68i
  9. Nokia 7650
  10. Nokia 6210
  11. Nokia 6230 (interspursed around the following)
  12. Orange SPV Classic
  13. Orange SPV E100
  14. Motorola V500 (my one and only clamshell)
  15. Sony Ericsson V800 (made one video call, once)
  16. Vodafone 3G Data Card
  17. O2 XDA
  18. i-Mate Jas-Jar (that's it, no more Windows Mobile devices)
  19. Nokia 7250i (loan)
  20. Sony Ericsson K800i (finally replaced the 6230)
  21. Blackberry 8707v (shame I broke it)
  22. Blackberry 7130v (loan)

I'm a phone manufacturers dream!


Sweeney said...

...and where do all these redunant 'phones go to when they die? The great mobile device graveyard? Seriously though, perhaps you have thought of sending them to a charity that can either pass them on to those who can still put them to good use or at the very least re-cycle them.

Adam said...

Typical resting places are other members of the company, company loan/test phone pool, charity shops, friends or recycling. You can be reassured that landfill is not my preferred option.