Thursday, 12 April 2007

SMS for Accountants

Had a rather pleasant lunch today with a client of Esendex Australia, our subsidiary down here. We were on a veranda, on a hillside looking out over eastern Melbourne towards Port Phillip Bay. It's those kind of times that make me think opening the Australian subsidiary was a fantastic idea ;-).

R J Sanderson are an accountancy firm with a number of offices across the east of Melbourne. They use our Web SMS and Email SMS products to communicate with their customers and this is proving a real differentiator in their market.

Australian businesses have to submit quarterly BAS statements in order to comply with corporate law and a big issue is chasing up the business owners to get those completed. Sandersons have started to send out reminders via text to set up and come to appointments and the feedback from customers has been great. Their no show rate has dropped and customers are getting their BAS statements in on time.

Another way they use our service is to keep customers updated about the progress of loan and mortgage applications. Text messages go out as soon as key stages in the process have been complete, whether that be application submitted, documents on their way or final approval given.

Sandersons are now well and truly converted business SMS users and they're now exploring what two-way SMS can do for them with an Australian virtual mobile number.

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