Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The most powerful tweet about Steve Jobs

Twitter has been awash with the announcement that Steve Jobs was taking a 6 month break for health reasons. While many were debating stock prices or rushing to voice their opinion, one tweet cut clean through the self-interested chatter. Picture 3.png Way to go Lance.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Nottingham Tech Scene

This year will mark 15 years in Nottingham for me, all of them working in technology in one capacity or another. I worked for local companies in the early days and the last 11 have been spent running technology businesses.

Like many people in tech I follow the exploits of the Silicon Valley and London tech scenes with a sense detached interest. Interesting to hear what's going on but with knowledge that I will never really be part of it. A 3.5 hour total train trip to London costing north of £100 makes it hard to justify 'popping' along to tonight's networking event.

In the last 15 years I've met very few people who work in the tech sector in Nottingham, mostly just the people I've employed. I know they're out there but there is no forum for us to meet, discuss and help each other, and Nottingham, be successful.

Yes there are networking events around but these are primarily generalist, allowing small business owners to connect and sell services to each other. Great, but not really a forum for discussing the specific challenges and opportunities facing the tech sector.

So I give you Nott Tuesday, my attempt at invigorating the Nottingham Tech Scene.

The plan is to meet on the second Tuesday of each month in a bar in central Nottingham. The invitation is open to anyone working in the technology sector in/around Nottingham. Developers, entrepreneurs, investors, web designers, online marketeers, all are welcome.

I'm going to have a go at organising sponsors, speakers, etc. First time I've done this so I'd welcome any support/advice. Not sure what I'll be able get for the first event, suspect we might need to demonstrate a few successful meet-ups first.

If you fancy coming along or get more involved then contact me through the Nott Tuesday web site, email (adam dot bird at esendex dot com) or twitter @adambird.