Thursday, 26 April 2007

Mobile Internet, finally it's time has come

The mobile internet has been talked about for a while now but I feel that it's time has finally come. The tipping point for me are the announcements by Vodafone and Orange that they're following T-Mobile and 3 by offering flat rate data tariffs.

This is so important.

We've been working with a number of clients who are keen to develop their existing online services into the mobile arena. The problem was low adoption of mobile internet because people were terrified of racking up enormous data charges on their pay per use tariff. Flat rates change all that.

Broadband at home is seen as a standard requirement for many and mobile broadband, whether it be 3G or HDPSA, will be seen similarly by many people. Now that the charging is on a similar flat rate basis, I have no doubt we will see an explosion in the number of sites and services delivered where-ever you are.

For those of you who can remember the damp squib that was WAP when it was launched, this is what we were promised way back then. Oh well, what's 8 years amongst friends!

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