Wednesday, 9 May 2007

SMS Alerts from Salesforce [intro]

We're currently evaluating for use as a Customer Support system. All of our sales team use for it for managing their opportunities and it seems a natural progression. If nothing else it's one less system to integrate with and keep the customer records synched with.

One of the key requirements of any support system is SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring and alerting. We need to be sure we are meeting the SLAs we have in place with our customers.

The pre-sales support team are assisting us with setting up the workflows. I thought it would be pretty useful to have SMS messages sent out when key stages were reached, for example:

  • SLAs were in danger of being breached for a particular case
  • A key account logs a call and the account manager want's to made aware immediately
  • The number of outstanding calls reaches a threshold value and the manager needs informing

I will be developing a simple system that receives notification from the API, retrieves any additional data required and sends an SMS using the Esendex SMS API.

Full source code will be provided (C#.Net) so check back on progress and see how I get on.

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