Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Internet World 2007 - Earls Court

Spent the morning at Internet World 2007 this morning. This is an annual exhibition showcasing all that's essential and groovy for conducting business on the web. This was the biggest I'd seen the show in several years of exhbiting/attending. CMS (Content Management Systems) seemed to occupy a huge zone along with zones for email marketing, affliate marketing, web search and a much smaller mobile zone than previously.

Nice to see a couple of customers there. Solid State Group and M-Send have both been with us for a while. Experian were also represented in a number of guises

Also represented were EazyTiger who were launching their new EazyCommerce platform at the show. We are currently working with Gary and his team on a new version of our web site so it was good to see he had a legitimate excuse for not working on our project ;).

Other notables were the enormous stuffing and folding machines that were being put through their paces in the Direct Mail section. Pity the poor guys at Yahoo whose stand was right next to one of the noisier ones.

The offer of adding a dating channel to our web site form the very nice lady as I walked past the White Label Dating stand. Not quite sure how that would fit with the Esendex corporate web strategy but I welcome comments.

And this poor guy who didn't notice this error dialog on his large presentation screen.

Some more posts to follow on specific areas of the show.

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