Thursday, 3 May 2007

Internet World 2007 - Web Marketing

The big 3 in search engines were out in force, almost in inverse proportion to the popularity of their search engines.

Google were tucked away in a little ante-room. We already are avid users of Google Adwords and Google Analytics for marketing and tracking purposes so I decided not to trouble them with a demo.

Yahoo had a very purple stand in the main exhibition area with some typically high quality elements. It is noticeable the stark difference between the companies that have makreting budget of which shows like this are a small part and those for which it's almost everything. Yahoo's sales pitch seemed to be all about what was coming in the next release of their ad management system, basically catching up with Google.

The Microsoft Live adCenter stand was enormous, monolithic in proportion. Had a good chat with a trendy young thing who showed we how I could target people who were searching for xboxes, well 3% of those who did an internet search.

What was interesting though was their demographic profiling. Thanks to the world and his wife having an MSN or Hotmail account, they can use the cookie that they leave on the computer to reference the demographic data associated with their account, primarily age and gender. Now that made me feel a little uneasy as a web user but as a web marketeer that's fantastic.

One of the issues we have with our SMS trial is the number of school children who sign up for some free messages with no intention of buying. Now we do block email domains like and but to not show our adverts to people under 18 would save the click through costs.

All they need now is to improve on 3% of searches.

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