Thursday, 17 May 2007

BlackBerry Salesman - easiest job in the world?

As an Orange Partner in the UK we get invited to internal product fairs to keep their sales teams up to date with our service offerings. Also in attendance were RIM and their very shiny, very latest handsets.

The stand was inundated during the breakouts from the product briefings with people admiring and stroking the 8800. I'll be honest, it was the first one I'd seen in the flesh and I think I've concluded it's not for me. It's like a big Pearl which looks great but I know that sleek exterior would be scuffed in no time at all if my record with mobiles is anything to go by.

Chatting to one of our sales team who was their yesterday, apparently what I saw was nothing compared to the clamouring scrum that developed when the produced a Curve.

Their product marketing and development has been fantastic. They've started with a ratherer utilitarian device that works very well and a lot of people want. These have now developed into shiny, sleek objects of desire that send grown men weak at the knees.

Now where's that barrel, right in I get, oink, oink!

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