Thursday, 17 May 2007

Message Response Time : UPDATE

I posted recently about the 160 Characters survey on Message Response Times. Well results are in and their report can be found at Stats & Research: Five Minutes To Respond

Key points for me were:

  • 84% of people expect a response to an SMS in 5 minutes
  • a similar number said they would respond to a personal SMS within 30 mins
  • yet only 56% said they would respond to a work SMS in that time
  • 31% people would respond to emails the following day, I bet they weren't BlackBerry owners!

The conclusion seems to be that SMS remains the king of short communication requiring a quick response. There did seem to be an implication that people at work were becoming less responsive to SMS.

I'd be really interested to find out the industry sectors the respondents came from. Did the survery reach outside of the mobile industry and if not, are we the best people to represent usage of mobile messaging.

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