Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Internet World 2007 - Mobile

The Mobile zone was the area in which we've been exhibiting over the past few years and the numbers of exhbitors was probably the smallest I've seen it. In the early days it was the only place businesses like ours could profitably exhibit to the buying community.

I remember Esendex,mBlox, HSL, Netsize, MX Telecom, Bango and a host of other smaller players crammed together into one corner of Earls Court. We were rubbing shoulders together like posturing males during mating season. It was an exciting time, everyone was trying to mark their particular territory while trying to work out what everyone else was doing.

Today it was left to the newer entrants to the SMS service provider market like PageOne, txtNation and Dynmark to keep the flag flying. One of the guys at Dynmark did a great job of launching into his pitch and then backing out gracefully as he read my badge.

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