Thursday, 5 July 2007

Investing in the Future of Year 10

I assisted at the Investing in Future Conference at George Spencer School. This is one of the school's annual Enterprise focused work and activities

This was a two-day conference where I looked after and guided a group of 12 15 year- olds through a range of activities designed to the help them prepare for work in the future.

The format was very interactive with various activities, student and industry presentations. I was one of 18 'industrialists' who included partners in law firms, chartered accountants, RAF recruitment officers and hotel training managers.

The school had done a fantastic job of organising the conference and the students did their bit by engaging wholly with process with a level of creativity that has encouraged me for the future of this country.

Very tiring but very, very rewarding and best of all, I was called Sir!


Anonymous said...

Hi, the URL for the school doesn't work. try adding a www.

On the subject of investing in year 10....I recomend all schools take part in the CREST scheme. Anything that helps young people engage with, and solve, real commercial problems has got to be a winner!


Adam said...

Thanks George, have passed that on to the school. I've also fixed the link.