Sunday, 22 July 2007

The 'Exclusivity' of Business Lounges

On my way to Melbourne to spend a week with Chris, our man in Oz. Flying Emirates for the first time which means I get to fly from Birmingham rather than Heathrow. Given the flooding that hit Heathrow today, I've benefited from more than just a shorter journey to the airport.

Once I arrived I headed straight to the business lounge (run by Servisair, not Emirates) for a drink and a relaxed wait for the flight only to discover a tiny room filled with people. I just managed to find a seat but the people behind me were just milling around. Hardly the exclusive experience you're sold on by all the airline promotion.

It reminded me a bit of when I last flew with BA out of JFK. It was a Friday evening and the Executive Club lounge was full to the rafters with barely enough seats for everyone. I nipped out into the main terminal to get a book and discovered a relatively serene atmosphere with very few people. The majority were enjoying the 'exclusivity' of the lounge.

So this time I left to find that the Costa Coffee was offering a more pleasant ambiance, with better coffee. And given that they were too tight in the lounge to offer free Wifi access I was definitely in a better place.

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