Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Happy Birthday to the SMSC

15 years ago the SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) was born. This is the component of a mobile network that is responsible for storing and forwarding SMS messages from one handset to another.

The very first examples could process just 10 messages per second, latest models can get up to 16,000 per second.

According to Informa's World Cellular Data Metrics 620 billion messages were sent globally in Q1 of this year. Generating revenue of US$ 80B per year, SMS is truly a modern phenomenon

One can imagine that while the birth of the SMSC was exciting for the people involved, as is any technical project, it probably wasn't sending shockwaves around the industry.

Imagine the party they would have had if they'd known they were witnessing the birth of a multi-billion dollar industry that would redefine communication for over a third of the worlds population.

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