Monday, 18 May 2009

A view on the economy

A healthy stats obsession is no bad thing when running a business. Measurement, metrics, feedback, refine is all part of the rhythm of improvement.

The great thing about our stats is that they also give us a view on the economy in each of our markets. Our focus on business messaging and the size of our customer base means we see, first-hand, how busy an economy is.

Our traffic reflects the pace of business. The number of grocery deliveries, new furniture purchases, broadband installations, car sales and a whole host of other business transactions.

So, what's the news?

Business is looking good. I'm no economist but based on what I'm seeing, maybe this is a V shaped recession afterall.


The Red Rocket said...

Interesting observation. Is there any way you could put some numbers on this in particular markets and correlate that against economic performance indicators? Might be that you have a good economic performance index on your hands based on how much people communicate...

Adam said...

Certainly something to investigate. It was more a moment of realisation while perusing our stats.

There are, of course, confidentiality considerations but I certainly plan to investigate more deeply to see what we can correlate.