Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nott Tuesday - Where did all the geeks go?

Last night we had the fourth Nott Tuesday event and from the feedback it was a success. However I've been left with the feeling that something wasn't quite right.

The start-up pitch competition was a new format for the evening and we had some great judges and great companies pitching but the audience wasn't the usual crowd.

As @alanodea said to me, he'd told Tadhg (a Nott Tuesday first timer) that this wasn't what it was usually like.

My vision for Nott Tuesday was that geeks and business could co-exist. Sharing ideas, discussing issues and seeing what opportunities materialise was what I hoped people would be doing.

The dirth of geeks at last night's event has made me wonder whether this is a) acheivable or even b) something that people want.

I feel Nott Tuesday is at a crossroads. I desperately don't want it to become just another business networking event for entrepreneurs to sniff each other's arses. I've no interest in committing my time to something like that.

So was last night just an aberration? Am I reading to much into it? Where do we take this thing?


Darren Ramowski said...

I missed the 3rd event but there was a definite slight change to the first 2. I made similar comments to that of @alanodea , to another first time attendee who commented that everyone seemed to know each other.

Having read this from @susanoneill this morning there is definitely the interest, people and need but a consolidated, collaborative and community approach is needed.

Maybe as @alanodea just said we all need to get involved and push the actual vibe of being a community which fundamentally is driven by all.

Yeah, you are reading to much into it :)

Patrick said...


I think one of the things that would be good is for people to talk about what they're *doing* not just what they're *selling*.

But I think that it's early days and things are still settling down for Nott Tuesday.

It seems that it's time for those of us that want to continue to meet up in this kind of format to get a bit more involved, invite more people and help you to take it forward.

Nickpoint said...

Hi Adam

I think Darren is right it was a slight change of format. The Pitching may have deterred some techies.. However I think there remains a lot of interest out there for this event. After all its only the 4th.

The event is still evolving and it will ebb and flow. I also think you are reading too much into it. Keep the faith Adam. Many of us are here to support and grow the event. Great work with your efforts.