Friday, 29 May 2009

The Internet is a cess-pool

Running the web site for Beeston Cycling Club has been a real eye-opener as to the crap that stands in the way of legitimate use of the Internet.

We run the site with a Wordpress blog at it's heart. Allowing our members to post and comment on rides, events and anything that takes their fancy, sadly it was thigh diameter last night, is key part of what makes our club different.

Problem is the couple of us that administer the site have to deal with pages and pages of spam comments.

Picture 3.png

Link building detritus that I'm amazed if it serves any purpose other than to keep several thousand Internet Cafe users the world over meagrely employed.

I guess this is what it was like during the Victorian era in Britain. Rich people able to pay others to mask them from the abject poverty and open sewers running in the streets. Anyone trying to work their way up, beset on all sides by scum.

Ain't progress brilliant.


Edward Lewis said...

Have you got the askimet plugin enabled?

Register on to get your API key.

I was really suprised at how much spam it cut out, it just sends it to the spam folder rather than clogging up the inbox.

Valencia Property said...

Totally agree. Get Akismet. It will save you loads of time as you will never see this crap

Adam said...

Thanks, I have done and it's working a treat