Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Will O2 penalise me for being an early-adopter?

The 3G iPhone is imminent, I'm about 7 months into my existing contract (11 months to go), will O2 let me upgrade?

I sincerely hope they do and I don't think I'm necessarily being unreasonable.

The handset was unsubsidised so that's not part of my monthly charge. If O2 offered me the an upgrade but required me to extend my contract by another 18 months I'd probably go for it. They keep me as a customer for an extra 7 months and I get the shiny new iPhone.

Love the existing version as I do, and I really do, the data speeds are something that I put up with.

If they don't I'm going to decidedly annoyed. Hopefully I'll find out in a few weeks time.

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Jonathan said...

I hope they do offer upgrades in that way otherwise it'll damage the good feeling about the device. recently commented that "[Gizmodo] also suggest that the next iPhone will be offered with more traditional discounts and incentives rather then the fixed price point Apple had been offering with the original iPhone. No specific details have been leaked, though there have been rumors that even AT&T might offer a subsidy on the upcoming 3G iPhone."
So with talk of multiple carriers in countries and subsidised handset prices, are we about to see Apple release their choke-hold over how networks charge for their device? It would certainly bring it in to being mainstream competition if they do.