Friday, 30 May 2008

Qik vs Youtube is a great service. Rock solid throughout my trip to Paris and really added something special to the media mix on our event web site. You can see the results at

My original plan was to video throughout the day and upload them to Youtube later. Qik was far,far easier and more immediate because you could do it straight from the handset but it also had another advantage over Youtube it doesn't try and work out what else you might want to watch.

I uploaded a video to Youtube on the night before we were due to leave only to get a phone call to say there was a link to something inappropriate video appearing.

Seems that Youtube had linked this to a video of a children's party where the attendees were having a swearing competition, or something like that, not at all good for a school affiliate web site.

So link to Youtube video removed and Qik was a our broadcast medium of choice for the trip.

Not sure of the long-term business model for Qik,I'm imagining that it's a technology play with the hope that someone bigger buys them. That said I can see some features that I would probably be prepared to pay for but I'm probably in the minority.

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