Saturday, 1 September 2007

Seems I have a skill

Had my assessment for Britain's Fittest Director yesterday and I made a surprising discovery.

One of the test was a balance test which involved standing on one leg while blindfolded. I managed well over a minute.

Sean the assessor told me I wiped the floor with the opposition on that one, though he wasn't at liberty to tell by how much. Not sure whether that will make up for the "pretty good for someone who doesn't normally bench press" performance in that exercise and the "you're not the worst" feedback on the pull-ups.

Fortunately my legs came to my rescue on the other assessments so while I won't be troubling the leader board, I didn't embarrass myself either. Results out soon.

While I'm here, Sean McIntosh the assessor was excellent. Professional, knowledgeable and I bet as a personal trainer he'd be very motivational. He gave me a card so if you are looking for training in the region surrounding Coventry drop me a line and I'll forward you his details.

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