Friday, 21 September 2007

Hotxt fizzle out

Well it seems that Hotxt are closing the doors on their service as of 30th September.

Seems even with the mighty Doug Richard backing them they couldn't compete with good old fashioned SMS. It may cost more, but it sure as dammit works more reliably and everyone, and that's 2.5 BILLION subscribers, can use it.

The team behind it are not giving up mind you, they're releasing a new service trutap which on casual first inspection seems to be a social networking, blogging, communication type thingy.

Ah the joy of using free services where providers can pull the plug when they feel like doing something else.


Douglas said...

Not entirely correct. All of our hotxt users are being transferred to trutap which extends the hotxt offering with other services. Its not good business to leave users in the lurch... :)

Adam said...

Thanks Douglas, that's good news. Didn't get that impression when I followed up from your email to current users.

Good luck with the new offering and if you ever need an SMS service...