Monday, 17 September 2007

Esendex 2.0

I realised over the weekend that I'd been a bit quiet on the blog front of late. We're going through some big changes here at Esendex towers and it's been more a symptom of focusing on those.

We're a profitable, successful organisation with an ever growing customer base in 5 countries around the world. This gives a fantastic platform to develop the business further into new markets and new levels of service. Esendex 2.0.

We're currently focusing our efforts in 3 areas:

Web Site

We are launching a new web site very soon. We've integrated with the Episerver CMS to enable rapid updates and changes to the content.

We've always been praised on the quality of our customer service and support and as we grow we're looking at more scalable ways of offering that same level of service. One of the main improvements will be the inclusion of blogs run by the Development team and Support team as well as a broaded corporate blog.

Both the Developer and Support sites are being managed directly by the relevant teams and the blogs will be their way of the keeping our customers up to date with everything they need to know.

In the case of the Development this will be posts on using the SDK, new features we're adding to support developers and a more in depth explanation of the approach, rationale, etc.

The Support bog will be broader in it's appeal, giving customers information on releases, new features, how tos. planned outages and anything else the team feels would assist customers.

System Architecture

A lot of work has been going on to develop our system architecture to support a new range of services as well as our forecasted growth over the next 5 years. While the system is more than capable of coping with our current levels of traffic, the last thing we want is technology to be the constraint on our aspirations.

I will be posting about some specific developments over the coming weeks. Essentially we are moving our platform from an Enterprise to a Mobile Operator architecture. The two key challenges we face:

  • Introduce an order of magnitude improvement in our capacity
  • Maintain our availability and reliability levels

It has been a real challenge but the results are looking very exciting in a nerdy, check out that performance graph, kind of way.

New Services

Over the coming months you'll be seeing a range of new services. Can't go into too much detail but a new era is dawning.

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