Thursday, 9 August 2007

Spinvox - Automatic or Not?

As you know, I'm a SpinVox user and generally love the service, albeit with some reservations as I've posted about before.

Ewan at SMSTextNews met with them recently and is planning a series of posts as a result. The first one prompted some interesting comments. Check out the third one.

SMS Text News meets Spinvox - intro

Now I appreciate it's anonymous but in an industry you get to hear things and this comment corroborates those things. If true it does put some serious question marks over the scalability of their offering.

I'm interested because I've looked at speech recognition technology in a previous life, several times, and it always came up short. Too much training, too specific to a given user and even then not really usable. I was impressed that SpinVox seemed to have cracked it.

I'll be following this one closely.

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Anonymous said...

Quoting alfredogarcia at

The answer of course lies in Spinvox’s patent ( “…it seems impossible to achieve high enough speech recognition accuracy for fully automatic conversion for more than a tiny fraction of utterances.” Their solution is “… using speech technology to support the agent.” The bulk of their patent discusses how various technologies can make it easier for human agents to transcribe your messages.
That said, Spinvox is still a great product: Doulton and his chums at Spinvox should be applauded for their lateral thinking, entrepreneurialism, and PR!