Wednesday, 3 December 2008

5 mobile services I actually use

Thought I'd collate my current list of mobile services I'm loving or would find life difficult without.


This has been a bookmark in every phone had I've since 2001. This mobile version of the National Rail enquires web site is a must have for any train user in the UK.


Is on my iPhone dock bar in place of the phone application. Still the original and still the best.


The best twitter client for the iPhone. Simple and fast, two must haves for any mobile application.

GoogleTalk for BlackBerry

BlackBerry have got push nailed, their platform allows third party apps to raise message alerts and push them into the system inbox. The GoogleTalk IM client embraces this and allows me to maintain conversations wherever I am.

Rummble iPhone App

This is a new one and it's early days but it seems more useful than BrightKite. It allows you to log your location, send status updates and post photos but also to "Rummble" about where you are. If it gets critical mass, this could be a winner.

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Anonymous said...

Great that you're finding Rummble useful Adam, it is early days and we've got a new version going live soon with added local data (for when there are no trusted Rummbles nearby!).