Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I'm in Monte Carlo and the sun is shining

Arrived in Monte Carlo now. In need of a coffee but otherwise ready to go.

The bed was comfortable, wasn't too hot or too cold and my fellow passengers were quiet sleepers.

Would I do it again? Yes

While it felt a but awkward sharing at first in reality it didn't make a bit of difference to my sleep. That said I did spy some individual cabins as I got off the train which didn't come up as option when I booked. Will definitely try and find out what they cost next time

The Corea Lunea train I was on was probably reaching the end of it's life so fittings were a but tired but everything I needed was there. Except perhaps a shower.

Down to the business of the conference, will post later on what's happening the world of Global Messaging.

UPDATE: it's occured to me subsequently that I'm happy to sleep on a plane to the US or Australia with hundreds of strangers, 3 is positively discrete.

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