Thursday, 7 June 2007

Heckled by the Man from Hotxt

I bumped into Mike Grenville from 160 Characters on the train last night on the way back from Monte Carlo. We had a long chat about all things messaging and how there seemed to be a real buzz around the conference, at least on the messaging side.

The feeling is that mobile messaging has still a long way to go. Person to person traffic may be peaking and the chat traffic favoured by younger mobile users may move to Instant Messaging. However machines are starting to talk more and more and mobile messaging is being used as the bearer for a whole host of applications that need to push and receive information from mobile devices.

In an industry that is desperately running after the new things trying to catch the next wave, I lost count of the number of times I heard YouTube, MySpace, et al. referred to, the core services are continuing to defy the projections.

The services that really work, the stuff that people really can’t live without, the services that differentiate the mobile telecoms market from the fixed telecoms or internet markets, continue to grow and grow.

Mike also said that Andrew Bud, mBlox, had mentioned to him about being heckled by the man from Hotxt. After a bit of discussion, it turns out it was me. I had asked a question along the lines of my post Innovation at the speed of Telecoms during a panel session Andrew was sitting on. I must admit I thought his responses were a little prickly but I put that down to his style.

So Andrew, if you’re reading, it was me, Adam from Esendex. Not sure if that turns the heckle into an incisive line of questioning ;-)

UPDATE: Andrew was reading and it wasn't me, it's all covered in the comments. So that's cleared up then.


Andrew said...

Adam, actually the heckle in question - which was more of a sharply-worded question than any ill-mannered interruption - wasn't from you, for it occurred over at a very popular session at MEM, and it was posed by the founder of Hotxt. I recall your question in mobile messaging, which I thought was most stimulating. If I was sharp with you, I apologise.

Adam said...

Andrew, thanks for clearing that up. Mike and I obviously had put two and two together and made five in our post-conference haze.

In hindsight I was probably a little unfair with my choice of words. It's probably fairer to say, that your incredulity at what was being discussed added a distinct element of passion to your delivery.