Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Apple seem a little unfair

Just received notification that my MacBook Pro has shipped. In a weeks time I should take delivery of my new beauty.

Just after that I received notification that the 3 year AppleCare cover for the laptop had started, when it shipped!. I lose a week of cover.

That seems a little unfair to me.

And another thing. Take a look at this order status page. Given today's date is the 22nd October, they seem to be able to see into the future as well.

Maybe I'm just crotchety because I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

yes you are

The Red Rocket said...

When you get it you won't care. Was in the Apple Store the other day and its amazing how out of date the white ones suddenly look.

Let's just hope yours doesn't break a week before the end of the warranty period...

Adam said...

you're absolutely right