Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Vitruvian Triathlon

Had some fun this weekend in and around Rutland Water doing the Virtuvian Triathlon

On the face of it, it's a fairly ridiculous thing to attempt, 1.9km swim, 84km bike followed by a half marathon. But I'm not posting to boast about my achievement, more to share what a great event it is. It was very, very hard going but the event was such that not finishing wasn't an option.

There was a huge range of people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It was the national championships so there were some top athletes vying for important prizes alongside triahtlon regulars as well as people for whom the only focus was completing the course.

The organisation, marshalls, volunteers and venue were first rate. The camaraderie among the competitors was better than any other triathlon I've entered. Everyone felt they were part of something a bit special and the 'finish whatever happens' attitude infected all in attendance. Apparently, it's like that every year.

I did have some dark times, especially on the run leg, but while I was staring into the abyss other competitors took time out to check I was OK. In another event I may have called it a day, but with the Vitruvian that's not what you're there for. Everyone wants everyone to finish.

Yes it's a long way, yes I trained hard, yes I was hurting in ways I never knew possible afterwards but boy was it worth it. I commend this event to you all, it really is something special.

So hats off to the organisers and all involved, especially of course those of you that can now call yourselves Vitruvians

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