Monday, 7 July 2008

The farce that is integrated transport in the UK

The farce that is integrated transport in the UK. Followers of Julian's blog will know that the two of us are cycling from Bedford to Esendex HQ in Nottingham today. Understanding that taking a bike on a train required forward planning (train from Nottingham to Bedford was my first leg) I booked tickets online in advance, though no saving to be had, and tried to find the option for my bike. Nothing doing.

I then phoned up customer service to be told I had to go the station. Great I thought, London tomorrow I'll get it then.

No, I had to come back during off-peak! By this point I was a little cross. Even more so when I can back and the ticket office was shut at 18:30!

So I'm on the train today without a booking and no-one's batted an eyelid, let alone asked me for my reservation. Aaarrrrgggghhh

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