Monday, 7 April 2008

Wrestling with low-lifes

Running an ecommerce site as we do, we get exposed to all sorts of fraudulent attempts to purchase our SMS services with stolen credit cards.

We've put all sorts of checks and restrictions in place to try and prevent this before we even submit the payment for processing by our merchant service but there's a background task to keep them up to date.

Sometimes I look at the number of people involved in development and strategy meetings on this subject and feel a mix of aggrievement and frustration.

Don't get me wrong it's not a big problem that we spend lot's of time on. It's just that we do spend time on it, it's just dead time. We're not moving the service on, we're just working to stand still. All because someone has decided that stealing is a legitimate approach to making a living.

Part of what drives me and the team is the gladitorial challenge of legitimate business competition. How can we differentiate our service, be first to provide the customer wants, be best at providing it. Fighting with low-lifes is no fun at all.

Rant over, thanks for listening

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